Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Links!

Alright, before we get to a day in the life of the Realist, let's do some Tuesday links!

First, I'm making this tomorrow night:
Moroccan Pita Sandwich; at 370 calories, that's a nice, big dinner.  It'll make great leftovers, too.
I recommend to everyone embarking on a weightloss/healthy change journey to roll up their sleeves and try one new recipe a week from something like Cooking Light.  My parents gave me the Cooking Light massive binder cookbook and it basically is the best thing since Splenda.  All calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc. is listed. If you have issues that require you to be aware of any part of your dietary intake, switch to recipes that let you know their total ahead of time.

This is a great article from my Pact Buddy, B.
Put "I" Into Your Workout
This article talks about making yourself responsible for your own well being.  The knife cuts both ways.  Consider this in terms of excuses and praise:
Excuse: It's too cold to go to the gym today.
I statement Excuse: I am letting the cold stop me from going to the gym today.

oooooh.   Suddenly it's not the cold, but YOU deterring yourself from the gym.

Praise: Man, my cycle instructor is great.  She's made me work really hard lately.
I statement Praise: Man, I am awesome at cycle.  I listened to my instructor and I really pushed myself.

Is the scale making you sad?  IT'S JUST A MACHINE.
Take the Stress Out of Weighing-In
Part two in a three part article from the same guy above.  This is a great way to remind yourself that it's not all about weight.  It's about your health.  I'm guilty of feeling caught by a lot of the feelings in this article.  It's a nice perspective check.

And for a little inspiration:
Notes from the Universe
My mom told me about this site and honestly, I love it.  I signed up to receive the daily Notes from the Universe.  They're a little weird, but never in a way that actually weirded me out.  It actually, honestly, makes me feel special.  I look forward to this email every morning.  One from the other day that has stuck with me:

If you knew how much you have in common with every single person now living in time and space Mia - in terms of your greatest hopes and dreams, and your deepest fears and worries - you'd wonder how I manage to tell you all apart.
And from this day forward you'd likely think of every single one of them as "dearest," just as I do.


The Universe
P.S. Yeah, like twins, to the power of 7 billion. But not to worry, dearest Mia, I can always tell it's you by your saunter.
I couldn't tell you why, but that, for some reason, has stayed with me.  It's like a hug from the universe every morning.
And with that, you have your second issue of Tuesday Links!  Please let me know if anyone is interested in becoming a guest blogger for next Monday!  Don't worry, you don't have to ID yourself.  You can be Jane or John Guest Blogger!
Prepare for the day in the life coming up later today!

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