Thursday, February 4, 2010

Moroccan Pita Sandwich Recipe Review

Do yourself a favor.  Go home tonight, hell, leave work early, and pick up the stuff to make this incredible recipe for tonight.   This is my new favorite food. I burnt out on the eggplant mushroom thing I talked about almost a year ago...yes, it literally took me a year to get sick of it...and immediately have a new replacement.

The Moroccan Pita Sandwich is amazing.  If you can't find the tahini paste, neither could I because my safeway sucks, but I just added more garlic and lemon and found that it tasted just fine.  I might add chopped cucumbers next time.  Regardless.  This is ridiculously easy to make, filling, and so good.  I was craving something very earthy and ethnic yesterday, so planning for this meal was well timed.  Some people in the reviews say they used plain yogurt instead of the Greek, which I'm sure is fine.  I keep Greek yogurt at home anyway because I prefer that texture (it's almost kind of like French yogurt).

If you want to make this even easier on yourself, I'd suggest even skipping making the meat into patties and just cook it all and divide it into 4 portions. 

In other words: this recipe gets my enthusiastic two thumbs up.  I'm already looking forward to lunch.

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