Monday, February 22, 2010

The No Tap Dilemma

I just have to say.  I'm trying to teach myself how to teach no-tap step.  It looks something like this:

Not even kidding you, I can't even figure that out mentally.  I feel like that kid in the back of the So You Think You Can Dance tryouts who was outstanding on their own, but just falls apart learning the choreography in 10 minutes.

The real lesson here is this: I should have learned this a LONG time ago.  Just because I hate no-tap step doesn't mean it shouldn't be a part of my repitore.  And, not going to lie, I really have had a good time running around my living room, "dancing," and scaring the cats.  Since our place is pretty small, I actually am about to head over to Chadd's office to take advantage of the big conference room where I will hopefully land this combo (see above video) before I teach tomorrow.  If you want to see the results, come to class tomorrow night at the WSC, Dupont, 6:30.

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