Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday Links (A Bit Late)

This sno"vacation" has put my mind on deep freeze and I've been a little slow to thaw, so while I get back into the fluidity of my normal routine, bear with me.  Like how I used a few water/snow metaphors there?  That's the kind of week it's been.

Anyway, here is your weekly round up of links:

Raising Awareness of Eating Disorders
I really enjoy reading articles by people who suffer from eating disorders.  Not because I want them to have a disorder, but because I think it makes the larger problem more real, more understandable, and hopefully blazes the path to recovery.  Kelly Zentgraf writes a very real article about her struggle and the lack of understand from the world at large about eating disorders.  Most insightful, I thought, was her discussion of why people develop disorders--it's not just "oh the media said I was fat."  Sadly, she says that she's heard people say "I don't know why, it just felt natural."

Fitness as a Full Time Pursuit
This is a great article that one of my participants sent to me (Thanks, Manny!)  For anyone interested in how to pursue something off beat (and along the fitness path) this is a great boost for morale. It's also a well written, interesting article.  Check it out.

Spicy Red Lentil Dal with Winter Veggies
My aunt gave me a fabulous birthday gift--a subscription to Fine Cooking.  If that wasn't already awesome, what's even better is that Fine Cooking posts their nutritional facts in the back of their magazines.  Without the lamb, you're looking at something around 320 calories for a cup and a half of the dal.  Please ignore what the reviews say, I thought this was an amazing recipe, and very filling.  I recommend making jasmine rice (easy to do, especially in the microwave) to pour this over.  Now, if only I could manage to make naan...

Sweetgreen Has a New Location
Hurray for clean, local food, green business, and entrepreneurial endeavors!  Stop by Sweetgreen in Logan Circle if you've never been to see what I rave about.  My recommendation: The Guacamole Greens (with Chicken) and of course, sweetflow.

That's the round up!  If you have links, post them before or feel free to shoot me an email!

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