Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Remember how I mentioned our little snow situation up here?  Well, it got worse.  Worse to the point of a whiteout and even things that were managing to stay opened through the first part of this blizzard are closed. 

In addition, I could not for the life of me fall asleep last night.  I tried watching two episodes of BBC's Wild Pacific. Maybe it's because it's not narrated by David Attenborough, maybe it was just because Chadd wasn't home,who knows, I could not sleep.

When I finally did drift off around 3, the damn cat got up and started howling for water.  I turned on the faucet and he drank for about a solid 5 minutes.

7 am, the winds started.  The window above my head creaks like crazy in a wind storm, add the snow and ice and as it shattered against our window, I was woken to the sound of shattering.  Thankfully not the windows, probably just the ice build up around it.  Not ideal for getting up at 8 am to hit the gym, if it's even opened.

New plan involves a home work out, which I almost never do.  I'm going to call the gym after I finish my work, but for now, the I'll be running the stairs until I can't anymore, then getting creative with my bosu that I am now so glad that I haven't sold.


  1. Bet you didn't get this kinda weather down in FL tho. It'll be a good story----how you survived the blizzard and stayed on track w/diet and exercise ;)

  2. I'm adding a huge GW v Georgetown snowball fight to my exercise plan for tonight--THEN stairs, then bosu abs. At least it's fun!