Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Great Snowpocalypse

Oh man.  Have y'all checked the weather over here in DC lately?  Let me tell you.  It has NOT been really conducive to working out...or eating well, especially since we're basically working with empty grocery shelves.

Alright, enough excuses.  I lost a pound last week, which I feel good about, but I can't afford to slip backward. My birthday is on Thursday and while I won't be at the goal I set for myself, or even the "I'd be okay with the goal +5 pounds" I'm only 3 pounds off of that (as of my last weigh-in).  I can't tell you that I'm disappointed in myself.  I'll tell you why.

While everyone is going snow-crazy, I've been very fine to work at home, take time to relax and clean the house (we did an epic clean this weekend), and regroup mentally.  It's probably a sign that the pace I've been going has been a bit harried and that I needed a little break.  The key to a healthy break is when you can pull yourself out of it before you start to kick yourself and feel bad. 

I watched The Biggest Loser tonight, which always boosts my motivation, signed Chadd and I up for a couples team at the Run Amuck May 1st in Rockville (a 5k race/obstacle course), and made a plan.  Remember what I said about a plan and a promise a few months ago.

Here's my plan.  Chadd's staying at a hotel tonight down by his office so he can actually get to work tomorrow, which means that I'll go to bed tonight at a decent hour.  I got a lot of work done today for my job, so I can afford to get up and go to the gym for 2 hours.

1 hour cardio: half hour run, half hour bike
1 hour weights: 3 sets, all muscle groups.

I promise myself one last good workout in this year before I kick off my next birthday year on the right foot.

I've taken a few good days off and now it's time to add elements of my life back in, one by one.  I assume the Fed will open again on Thursday, which means I'll be back to work, I'll add that piece of the puzzle back in and then the world will begin on its crazy pace again. 

Check in with yourself occassionally. See when you need a break.   Take one, an appropriate one, then get back on track.  It'll (hopefully) make you look forward to your next workout and getting back on track.

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