Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

5:40: Phone alarm goes off for at least 1 minute before I hear it. I get up, hit snooze, pray cat is still asleep.
6:00: Radio alarm goes off in the kitchen.  Cat awake.  Get up, turn off.  Back to bed.
6:13: Phone alarm goes off and I calculate how long it will take me to get to the gym, get a good spot for yoga .... time to get up.
6:22: Cats fed, contacts in, yoga apparel on, checked my caloric burn from yesterday: 2256, about 250 less than target.  That's what I get for 30 minutes on the bike instead of a 3 mile run.
6:25: At gym (3 minutes or less in a jog.)
6:30: Sitting quietly, until skin and bones late yuppie comes in and literally puts her mat basically over mine.  "excuse me" would have sufficed.  The three of us who have been there scoot over to accommodate for queen of the universe.
6:33: Class has begun.  Mind going....blank.  (side note: Yoga has become an intensely personal time for me.  I am shocked with how in touch with myself I am without actually thinking during this hour.)
7:10: Oh my god am I wearing deodorant?  Okay whew.  Girl next to me isn't.
7:35: Rubbing palms and feet together to come out of fetal position (aka, nap time.)  The walk home is oddly peaceful.  It's busy walking home from the gym, but I'm still in my prana bubble.
7:40: Home, begin to brew coffee, briefly check email.
8:00: Out of the shower.  I've mastered the 5 minute shower (I use a timer).  Despite how good the hot water feels after walking home...I'll never leave if I take my time.
8:20: Lunch packed, coffee ready, dressed, wake Chadd since he has a meeting at 11. Begin commute.
8:50: At the office, take the stairs.  Begin coffee.
10:00: Oatmeal
(136--110 for low sugar instant apple cinnamon oatmeal, 26 for the milk that went into my coffee)
10-11: Emails, small tweaks to work products, log oatmeal calories, update private blog with yesterdays' calories for co-blogger, mentally tab up what I packed for snacks/lunch.  Pretty good.  Realize I forgot water bottle. Fail.
11:10: First snack--2 plain rice cakes with 1 tbsp. reduced fat creamy peanut butter. Update calorie log.
(70 for the rice cakes, 95 for the peanut butter)
11:36: First wave of exhaustion hits.
12:14: Not hungry, but wondering if I should eat anyway, just for an energy boost.
12:35: Coworkers ask me to have lunch with them, take the stairs down to the cafeteria, Chadd calls to give me an update on some stuff.  Shovel in lunch post phone call, return to desk, by way of the stairs.
12:50: Log lunch calories.
(Baked Eggplant, Mushroom, Tomato thing: 168, 100 cal pack of chocolate pretzels: 100, apple: 81, total: 349.  Total for today: 652.)
1:35: I wish I worked at a gym.  All I can think about sitting here is how my muscles are cramping up. 
1:45: Take elevator and kick myself while going up three floors.  Walk around following my client, pushing for decisions.
2:10: Pushing accomplished.  Stairs down three levels.
2:48: Send email to girlfriends about pole dancing aerobics intro class this Saturday.  Review to come. (I have a groupon for 5 classes, might as well take a 6th for free so I don't fall on my face)
3:16: Sharing hope with K that it snows tomorrow so I can work from home and clean the house.  Trying to determine what part of my Sweet Green salad to cut out so it can drop below 500 calories. 
3:28: Eat applesauce cup.  (51 calories)
3:58: Hungry again.  This, I'm sure, is an emotional hunger. I want to distract myself for the next hour, so my stomach is taking over.
5:15: Leave early, hurry home in the cold.
5:40: Home, quickly changing to go to the gym.
5:50: At the gym, 30 minutes on the treadmill, between level 6.7 and 7.5.  2 miles at level 7.5.   Finish with cool down, dripping sweat and face burning, but all together, feeling pretty good.  Spent most of my mental energy thinking about running the next few races coming up.
6:40: Walk to nail salon.  Am given a glass of cold (?) red wine, and immediately melt into pedicure chair where I bid farewell to my running callouses.  (Red wine, 100 calories)
8:10: Sweeeetttgreeeennnnn. I realize while I'm here that my salad is pretty calorie heavy (over 500), most of that comes from the avocado, and of course the dressing.  It's a light dressing in the sense that it's not creamy and most of it is made of cilantro, but I know it doesn't help that I have them pour it over my salad. The Sweet Flow is just frozen yogurt, literally plain yogurt, frozen and is delicious, low in calories.
9:00: Home to make dinner for Chadd and shower.
10:30: Watching Biggest Loser on DVR.

Total calories: 1528; total burn: 2568, Deficit: 1040.

Boring, I know, but there it is!

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