Friday, July 29, 2011

Mental Health Date

I've been working a lot lately. Normally, our summers at the office are a little less crazy, but after my coworker left for his dream job and some new clients rolled time has been less than free. Two weeks ago, I was up almost every night until 2am, plunking away on my computer. Full disclosure, I've not be working for all those hours. A girl has to commute home, teach, make dinner, and get back to work.

Regardless. I've been feeling more and more burned out. I actually had a dream two nights ago that I woke up late and didn't get a document to my boss. I woke up and had to reorient myself. 7am. I still had 20 minutes to sleep.

So last night, I met up with a girlfriend for literally a power hour of shopping. We hit Nordstrom's, then she had to hit up a pedicure appointment (white girl problems!) so I was left on my own in the mall. While I was there, I kept my phone securely in my purse and didn't check email. I told myself "pretend you don't have service."

After another 30 minutes of window shopping, I headed home, dropped off my goodies, and walked to the local wine bar within visual distance of my apartment. I brought a trashy book, silenced my phone, and chose a small table outside within people watching distance. I ordered a sauvignon blanc, a plate of cured meats (proscuitto is my downfall) and a plate of cheeses. I chatted with the waiters, then settled in and read for about two and a half hours.

I had a glass of a red blend called a Mencia in my second hour, then I ordered a glass of prosecco and three chocolates. 

I watched a couple meet up who were having an affair together, a very bad first date, and people come and go on the intersection of Florida/Connecticut aves and generally enjoyed life. I actually stopped to savor the moment more than once. 

That all sounds so trite. But really, I wound up in one of those amazing little moments in life where I wished for nothing more than I had, wanted to be no where than where I was, and was perfectly happy to be alone with my book, my wine, my litte plate of gourmet, and unwind.

Health is more than what you eat and how you work out. A lot of it is about mental health. So, take yourself on a date, whether it's a bottle of wine on the couch, or out to a bistro or bar. Do something by yourself and enjoy it. It's a great confidence builder, which is healthy no matter what.