Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Unsponsored Product Review - Vega Sport Protein Powder

Disclosure: no one paid me anything, gave me any discounts, or encouraged me to try any of the below products for any type of anything. I have my own opinions and, even if they did, I promise my review would be about as honest as it gets. I'm opinionated. But, if you want me to try something, by all means, send me something free. If I love it, I'm an instant brand ambassador. If I hate it...good luck.

Vega Protein Powder.

I am "sensitive" to most ingredients in protein powder. Soy - no thanks. Whey? Nope. Dairy? Pass. My last remaining option was to go vegan. Normally, this would be horrible, except that this wound up being phenomenal. Christine sent me to Whole Foods with the task of finding a few powders and giving them a shot. I tried Vega and since it didn't taste awful (in fact, it's quite good), it won. Here is the ingredient list:

I don't know much about any of that, but when I sent the link to Christine she said "that's about as good as it's going to get." Cool, my health counselor is happy, and it tastes good, and I won't throw it up. Winner.

It's great with coconut milk (see also: lactose intolerance) and even better in a shake with frozen fruit and coconut milk.

- It kinda turns green in a shake - at least, the vanilla does. It is made from pea protein, afterall. Just close your eyes.
- It doesn't blend very well outside of a blender. I tried to just shake it into coconut milk and still wound up with a bunch of clumps of powder. Definitely use the blender or be prepared to invest the time to smush out all the clumps. Or, drink clumpy powder shake.

- None of the stuff makes me sick
- No artificial sweeteners or additives (stevia is the sweetening ingredient)
- This ad from them:

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Training Update

I'm so afraid to say that I'm officially "back" to training because it seems like every time I said "sweet! I feel great!" over the past few months, my ankle has taken that as a sign to swell up and turn purple. 

So I won't say anything.

However, week two of a normal training schedule just flew by and now that I have something to talk about, you get to see my workouts again.

Monday - Morning Yoga. (1 hour) This was a total cluster on my behalf. I did my first hot yoga session with Rachel the previous weekend and my mat was either still damp or I was just extra sweaty on Monday morning. This was technically a rest day, but my dedication to not screwing up my ankle is paramount. 

Tuesday - Spin. (1 hour) Again with the cluster. My playlist felt off, I couldn't get my groove going - the universe was not right. I was supposed to swim, but since I had to teach, I switched my workouts.

Wednesday - Morning Yoga. (1 hour) Much better this time around, but I also slipped enough that I invested in a yoga towel. 

Wednesday - Track Practice. (1 hour) This was my first track practice in months. Of course, it was just in time for the track to be occupied by the high school lacrosse team, so we took to the block around the baseball fields. I felt terrible. My warm-up, admittedly, was WAY too fast. I came in from a 1.2+ mile warm up holding under 9 minute miles. I couldn't hold the 4 loops around the block - so I cut out on the third to stretch, then joined Rachel for a tempo pace final loop. 

Total mileage: just over 4 miles. 
Ankle status: normal. 

Thursday - Friday: I blew it both of these days. I have a mind block on going to the pool. I don't know why. It's not even that I hate swimming - I just loathe getting to the pool. Maybe now that the weather is changing, I'll actually get my time in the water.

Saturday - Modified Brick (2.5 hours) I had to work all day at the Cherry Blossom Expo. If you stopped at the Ragnar booth, you likely talked to me. It was a blast to talk about my passion, hear from other Ragnarians, and talk to the other vendors. I even picked up some new shoes:

I got home as the sun was starting to set. I knew I was exhausted, had plans to see the Cherry Blossoms with Chadd on Sunday morning, plus a bunch of errands and FitCo work... so I did the next best thing to an actual brick. 

I went to the gym and parked my butt on the spinner for somewhere between 1:45-2 hours. Did you know that the spinner computer turns off after 90 minutes? I didn't and suddenly realized I'd been spinning around Z2 for...ever. 

I had a half hour for a run and, not wanting to risk it on the road or lose too much time in "T2", I just jumped on a treadmill. The dreadmill did not, surprisingly, suck as much as I remembered. Please recall that I haven't been on one for more than 2 years. I started slow, somewhere in the 9:30 range, ramped up to 9's, then up to 8:30s, 8:15s, then I held steady on 7:30's for a good 10 minutes. Treadmills are notoriously bad judges of speed, so I'll just say this: I felt great. I felt like I had my speed back, even if I jumped off that death machine with my chest heaving. 

Sunday - Yoga. (1 hr 15 minutes) More hot yoga with Rachel! I'm not ready to try bikram (if I will ever be ready), but I enjoy the challenge of these classes. I also really love the instructors over at The Studio DC - I've never had an instructor ACTUALLY do a hands on assist. So enlightening.

Sunday, Fun Day: 

I'm working with a cool group of people to make fitness more accessible to all types of people in the DC area. If you want to learn more about us, check us out here: 

Better yet - just search Fit DC on Facebook and friend us! We had our leadership team photographs on Sunday. Our photographer is AMAZING and better yet - most of my photos are yoga poses. I know most of you find this hilarious since I am the least yoga person ever.

Our launch party is next weekend! Come grab a free class with us out in Arlington:

In summation, I had just under 8 hours of training last week - including a TON of yoga (which, I have learned) is actually quite the workout. And a big fat fail on Swimming.