I'm by no means a pro, but these people, vendors, and products make me feel like one.

I don't get paid to list these people, nor do I get goods or services from them at a discount or as a trial. In fact, I'm fairly certain they have no idea I recommend them via my blog. They're really just that great.

Coaching - Coach Taneen Carvell, Coach T is my life line to sanity. If you're looking for a coach, read this post about finding a coach first, then contact Coach T to see if she's as good of a fit for you as she was for me.

Massage Therapy/Active Release Therapy - Erin O'Halloran is the most amazing massage therapist I have ever been to. The range of motion in my shoulder has gone from 40% to almost 90% in a few short sessions. I've also been migraine free because of the work she's done on my back. Find her here: under A.R.T.

Bike Shop - After CycleSport in Ellicott City closed, I switched over to Revolution Cycles in Georgetown. I took the Blue Terror here for a clean up and to check out some weird gear issues. They caught a tiny bend in my derailleur, which solved all the problems. They turned it around even faster than promised so I could get my last long ride in before my big race.

Running Gear - The staff at Pacers in Clarendon put me in my Brooks Pure Project Pure Flows and for that, I am forever grateful. Everyone I've worked with (at every Pacers) is knowledgeable, friendly, and will give you as much time and attention as you need to find the right shoes or gear. Also: Pacers is a big supporter of Ragnar DC.

Nutrition - After a few bad experiences with nutritionists/dietitians/self imposed nutrition plans, I got in touch with Christine Lynch who is a Holistic Health Counselor (HHC). Christine is an amazing resource and I've never felt better in my life (and it's never been so easy.) She's also a certified badass endurance athlete. She's also brave enough to call me out on Twitter for wanting to stray from a healthful diet.

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