Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Feature--Make the Realist Do It

I apologize for my unannounced break from the blog world, but I am back!

I'd like to announce a new feature of the blog--Make the Realist Do It!

As I pursue a career in fitness (be it part time or full time), I feel like I should at least have some sort of first hand experience with a lot of things people ask me questions about.   So, if you have questions about a diet book (no crash diets or pills, please!), then please--ask!  I'm open to trying any diet book, workout routine, life changing book, etc.

The stipulations are:
- If I think it's not healthy, I won't do it, but I will write a review of the book and why I think it's dangerous
- I will see the program through to the end or 2 months--whatever comes first
- There will be a 1x a week update on the book/program

So, go ahead, put me to the test and have someone else be a guinea pig for you before you take the dive!

Later tonight I'll post a review of a recipe I tried last night from Fine Cooking--Spicy Red Lentil Dal with Winter Veggies.  Amazing!

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