Monday, March 1, 2010

The Beginning of March...and on to May

And another month rolls around! 

Well, I have mixed news.  The first and only bit, really, is that I haven't really gained or lost weight in the month of February.  I suppose the good news in all of that is that with my birthday, a massive snowstorm, staying up late to pick up Chadd and entirely too much snacking, I haven't I've found the right method of maintaining.  6 pounds from now, I'll have an idea of how to maintain that weight.  That's the hardest part, in my opinion.

Of course, the bad news is that I am no closer to my goal than I was a month ago.  Thankfully March is a very active month for me and my pact buddy and I are back on track, too, so we're all set to give a one-two punch to March and get that much closer to our goal.

My March looks as follows:
Weekend 1: Les Mills Training (Friday-Sunday)
Weekend 2: Snowboarding (Saturday)
Weekend 3: Colorado! (Wednesday-Monday)
Weekend 4: 10K Run to Register
Weekend 5: Easter (Chadd's mom comes to visit, likely)
Weekend 6: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler
Weekend 7: Open
Weekend 8: Open
Weekend 9: Run Amuck 5k
Weekend 10: Visit J in NYC
Weekend 11: Historic Half Marathon

Which brings us to the middle of May.  No kidding.  Like poof there go March and April!

My goal is to get through 3 pounds before I go to see my bro in Colorado.  That gives me roughly 2 weeks at a pace I'm comfortable meeting, especially since I'll be meeting with my nutritionist on Wednesday for the first time!  Cross you fingers and wish me luck.  I'm SO close.

On another note--the 7 day work til exhaustion workout didn't make it 7 days. I strongly suggest clearing your date book because any other gym date literally kills this.  I managed to teach it into my class (which I'm sure my class was less than thrilled about), but post boxing, I couldn't lift my arms, much less a weight.  Tuesday, teaching no-tap killed me, and then I had a sore wrist for whatever reason for 2 days. So, basically, be careful what you under take.  I do recommend trying the work to exhaustion workout 1x a week just to give yourself an extra uumph somewhere in your weekly workout!

Make March a healthy month--hopefully one filled with sunshine and warm weather too!

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  1. Hey Mia, got your note. Sorry it has taken this long to respond. We would love to have you out here any time! And you are welcome to bring Chadd. Looks like we will have to wait until May, tho ;) But, if something opens up in the meantime feel free to get ahold of us. Good luck w/your 3 lbs. before seeing Will!