Monday, March 8, 2010

Frozen Food Review (2)

Wow, am I behind.  I feel like I have a billion posts that I need to's what will be coming this week (if I don't get a chance today to write much)

1) Review of another Amy's frozen meal product (this one is awesome.)
2) My project with J (NYC) for med school
3) An overview of my weekend getting BodyPump certified (holy moly, I can't fully extend my arms right now)

I've also got another guest blogger/interview with a professional coming up soon--probably next Monday, so stay tuned and look for that!

Might as well get something off the checklist first--Let's talk about my frozen food quest.

Amy's Black Bean Tamale Verde
The Skinny:
Cal: 330
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 55g
Protein: 7g

Amazing.  This was hearty, authentic to the taste of salsa verde, and not at all watery.  It was definitely a complex taste (not just corn meal and black beans).  I really enjoyed every bite of the whole thing.  It comes with one large tamale with a mixed vegetable (mostly corn and black beans) filling, a green sauce over it and Mexican rice on the side.  Delicious beyond belief.  I will most certainly buy it again ($4.50).  One of my coworkers actually said "Is that the Amy's tamale?  Man that thing is the best."  So it has a reputation!

Presentation (1-10): 10.  Well laid out, colorful, I wanted to eat it frozen, if that says anything.
Taste (1-60): 55.  I always leave room for improvement (this was a tiny tiny bit too sweet for me) but it was awesome.
Satiety (1-15): 10.  I wanted more, for sure, at the end.  But it's hard to say if that was because I hadn't enough to eat throughout the day or if there wasn't enough food.  I think it was probably the former.
Nutritional Balance (1-15): 13.  Pretty good balance, especially for 330 calories--a lot of flavor and a good, solid meal.

Total Score (out of 100):

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  1. Wooray certified -- who needs to really use their arms (or their legs)? Also, these frozen food reviews make me HANGRY!