Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Links

Tuesday Linkage!

I've got a bunch for everyone this week, so here we go...

1) McDonald's Signs Weight Watchers Deal:  I literally cannot even talk about this one without doing a headdesk.  One of the items they mention as being a part of the new Weight Watchers is chicken mcnuggets.  I'm not even kidding you. This where, personally, I think we're failing to see the point of health.  It really ISN'T about weight loss, it's about changing your eating habits and recognizing that if you have McDonald's one day, you're probably going to want to stick to something you know, not frozen then deep fried the next.  Just because it has x number of points doesn't mean it's a good idea.

2) Dannon Settles False Advertising Lawsuit: I don't really take 100% stock in a lot of the healthy benefits claims of packaged foods anyway, but I do think that the questions in the article are good ones to keep in mind when you feel enchanted by the claims of food at the store.

3) FDA Warns Companies on Food Claims: Lots of articles this week on food and consumerism.  Must be something in the air.  This article actually makes me a little defensive of food companies.  Here's an excerpt:

The FDA also chastised companies for implying that consumption of their products can help treat disease, akin to taking a drug. For example, the FDA said POM Wonderful, of Los Angeles, implies on its Web site that its popular pomegranate drinks can help reduce blood pressure, clogged arteries and the progress of prostate cancer.

Look, I'm not saying that POM is going to cure your blood pressure or that you'll avoid that triple bypass next month, but I do believe that if you put good things into your body, you'll likely see an improvement.  Example: if I feed my cat food with corn in it (cats can't digest corn), he's sick...and we all suffer. If I feed him high quality food (no corn or additives), his coat is shiny, we avoid hairballs, and I don't buy out Febreez supplies at Target.  I don't think that anyone expect someone to pop the top off of a POM juice bottle, down it, and find that they're suddenly healthier.  But I would bet that there are some benefits to laying off the coke and trying some antioxidant fruit juice instead.  Just sayin.  Are we really that dumb/health dumb?  It's not magic, it's science...and common sense.

4) Student Lunch Contest: This is a wonderful article with the results of the student lunch contest.  This blog set out the challenge to create a healthy and delicious snack for students at the cost of $5.  The results are inspiring and will definitely find their way into my lunch.

5) Humans Found to Have Sixth Taste: Fat:  Well well well. Unami, now fat!  We're certainly up a few from when I was in elementary school and tested my taste buds with lemon juice, salt water, sugar water, and cranberry juice.  Interesting study on the sensitivity of people to the actual chemical make up of fat.  We actually "taste" it's chemical makeup, not just its texture.  People who can taste fat acutely are less likely to eat it.  Who knew.

6) How Much Caffeine Is In that?: A good list of common beverages/foods that have caffeine in them.  If you count those sorts of things....admittedly, I don't.  I do keep my caffeine consumption to about 2-3 drinks a day, max.  Just out of habit, never something I plan.

7) Pizza Pronto: I'm trying this sometime this week.  Looks delicious. Review to come!

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