Monday, March 15, 2010

6 Mile Monday

I took myself out for a beautiful 6 mile run up to the National Zoo, across to the Cathedral, down Wisconsin to Georgetown, then back to Dupont. 

It's the first day (aside from Sunday) of real DST.  I cannot stand the whole losing an hour of sleep and how I kept waking up through the night, worrying about if I was going to wake up at the right hour.   Come Sunday night though, I had one amazing night of sleep... I fell asleep to Chadd playing Mass Effect...for whatever reason, the soundtrack to that game literally puts me to sleep in about 30 seconds.  I have been mid-sentence and passed out.  This song specifically must hit me just right.  Chadd's actually been known to turn this on so I'll fall asleep.  So I slept well last night and woke up energetic (...ha.) or with enough energy to get through my day.

Tonight, I got home from work, encouraged by the (sort of) sun and a recent exploration of to go out for a six mile run.  The route looked like this:

And MAN did it feel good. (Even the massive hills). 

You know that one thing you really like to do where you don't actually have any idea how long it takes?  How you can look up and all of a sudden it's over?  That was my run tonight.  There are nights, yes, where man, it's brutal, but the nights when there's a good run (always outside, always more than 4 miles) when all of a sudden, it's time to finish up--those are the best.  It was gently misting, keeping most people inside, so it was basically a bunch of runners outside with a few straggling commuters.

For me, a long run is the equivalent of a hot bath and a a massage.  It's a total mind eraser.  It is definitely one of my favorite things about being a runner--finding that one thing that unlocks who you are.  I won't ever be an olympic marathoner, but that's okay...because that's the nice thing about being a runner--you don't have to be "good" because "good" is relative.  EVERYONE can work on improving their PR's

I encourage you to figure out what it is that gives you the same feeling (though the endrophin high is usually something reserved for runners) , but what is it that is your escape?  Cooking?  Walking?  Writing?  Art?  Take a little time this week for yourself to enjoy that with your extra hour of daylight!

Best part of my night?  Not feeling guilty about inhaling my dinner.

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  1. Hearing/reading about your run, seeing a sign for aerobic tennis, and looking at the scale have prompted me to call the massage therapist, put my foot on ice and get better so I can be physical again without getting in a pool.Enjoy your winter