Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Correction: Registered Dietician

Back from my first appointment with my REGISTERED DIETICIAN. 

Remember This Post about the difference between an R.D. and a nutritionist?  Review!  I've been calling my awesome R.D. a nutritionist, which is incorrect, so disregard all that nutritionist talk :-)

Anyway, about the appointment:

She is awesome!  This appointment was a get to know you session--we talked about my basics--my weight, my goal weight, my heaviest weight (oh man) and my lowest weight (Chadd gets the award for causing that one when he broke up with me...5 years ago?) and what I considered my ideal weight (my goal weight...minus 5 pounds would be like *ideal* though probably hard to maintain).

1) A glass of wine a day is fine.  Two is not.  Noted, though I probably average that out, but it's a good target to keep in mind.
2) Until we meet again (in three weeks, post Colorado trip), I need to keep an "emotional" diary in conjunction with my food diary.  I'll be targeting how I feel--am I full?  am I hungry?  am I bored/tired/sad/happy? when I eat.  This, I'm sure, will be a HUGE wake up call.  I haven't really been tracking those patterns, and it will be interesting to see how those line up to my eating habits.
3) She said that my original body fat percentage measurement (remember that disasterous night?) is likely very inaccurate and gave me direction on how to make an appointment to use the BodPod.  This, guys, is literally one of the most exciting things to happen to me.  I have been DYING to find one of these.  Do yourself a favor and get a giggle out of the video at the bottom of this page:  Seriously, watch it and tell me you don't crack up.  Houston, we have lift off.  Blast me into space.

I'm so psyched, can't wait to see what she has to say in 3 weeks!

Tomorrow--post about how I'm helping my NYC best friend, J, work on a project for med school!

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