Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Linkage!

Fun stuff today!  I came up with a system of collecting links through the week (a handy old school internet browser tool called "Bookmarks"....)

So we have a ton of links, which will hopefully give you all something to do while I'm gone until next Tuesday.  Again, just to rub it in, I'm going to Copper Mountain in Colorado.  I'll be TRYING NEW THINGS and learning to snowboard for real this time.  I already have plans to have an all day lesson this Thursday.  My bro assures me that it's basically the best place to learn ever.  If  I come back in a neck brace, we'll talk.

Here are your Tuesday links!

1) Mindfulness May Change Your Health: In keeping with my belief that Yoga is good for you, here's a little bit on mindfulness.  If you really take the new-age stuff out of it, being aware of your body (mindfulness) and being aware of how you eat (mindful eating) really make sense.  Common  sense at that.  Your body talks to you a lot more than you're aware of.

2) Marathoning + Grammar = I Win!:  It's just funny.  That's all you need to know.

3) Learn the Right Way to Tie Your Shoes: It's interesting how something so small can change the way your shoes fit. 

4) Today's Training Tip: Don't Worry, Be Happy:  While it applies to how runners often times stress over the thing that actually destresses them the most (...running), it's all about perspective. Read the article (it's quick!) and apply it to whatever it is that you love to do that stresses you out.  Then, re-enjoy!

5) The Runner's Pantry List: It's not just for runners.  When you're doing your spring cleaning and chucking whatever that weird sauce you thought might be good with asian noodles out of your pantry, refresh by checking through these basics.  Not to mention, it'll make cooking a LOT easier.  My staple foods?
- Tomatoes
- Lettuce
- Onions
- Apples
- Strawberries
- Bell Peppers
- Mushrooms
- Cheddar Cheese
- Diet Peach Snapple Tea (weakness)
- Fresh herbs on overload (I ALWAYS seem to need them...particularly thyme and parsley)
- Plus Pasta
- Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless)
- Quinoa
- Sparkly water
- 0% Fayge Greek Yogurt
- Pirate's Booty Popcorn
- 100 Calorie packs of almost anything

6) Mark Bittman's 8 Rules For Healthy Eating: The first five of these rules, I said to myself "this summarizes my blog...oh wait, no this one does too."  The last three, while I agree with them, don't really apply to my life.  I try to get the right nutrients, I love beef, and energy bars? Who'd rather eat one of those?? Blech.  The first five, amen brother, amen.  Read the article, but in summary:
- Eat whatever you want...in moderation
- Plants first (fill up on low cal, nutrient rich, fruit and veggies)
- Start shopping and start cooking: KNOW WHAT GOES INTO YOUR FOOD
- Buy and Make Extra: I am the queen of reheats and left overs.  Avoid office lunches.  Hidden calories galore.

7) Free Jillian Michaels Mini Workouts: I have a serious girl crush on Jillian.  And a trainer crush.  I recommend downloading and watching (and doing).

And that's it for me today--I'm saving some of my links for next week since I won't be collecting them throughout this one.  Stay active while I'm gone!
Also, do me a little favor and shoot my blog out to your friends, family, coworkers, gym buddies, whoever.  Or...follow me on Twitter.  It's good to know how many people out there are reading!

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