Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Links

Well Happy Tuesday.  This week is already moving right along, especially considering that today is my Wednesday since I'm taking Friday off work for the fitness conference.

Here are your Tuesday links:

(quick note--the first three articles are from the association that does the gold standard personal training certification--NASM and their health fitness professional network site (HFPN), so they're directed to wards the trainer audience)

1) Stretching Yoga into the OPT Model: FYI, OPT is a training reference for a type of program that is used for most clients.  This article gives a more technical view into why Yoga might be a good addition to any training routine.  After my yoga class this morning, I was certainly aware of where I have an imbalance--I'm not talking lack of balance, but where I'm weaker/stronger and where I'm compensating.

2) Group Fitness Breakdown: Following the post I did on appropriate behavior in a group fitness class, here's an article talking a little about different classes and what they entail.  It's not a comprehensive list, but it's a good reference for learning more about Cross Fit and the various types of Yoga.

3) Anatomy of an Exercise: Cable Row: Oh man one of my favorites.  I love my back and it has a lot to do with a ton of these puppies--or the upright row done with weights.  Biggest two tips?  Keep your shoulders down and squeeze your shoulder blades together.  The shoulders down keeps your neck from straining (if your neck is straining, take the weight down) and the shoulder blades squeezing together works your entire back.

4) Spa (Weight Loss) Secrets: The first paragraph of this article is EXACTLY why I'm going to start seeing a nutritionist (tomorrow, in fact!). Do I really need 1500 calories?  If not, how should I structure my caloric breakdown between different nutrients? The one thing I disagree with in this article is that chocolate torte.  Worst recipe ever.  I promise.

5) Grilled Chicken with Roasted Tomato and Oregano Salsa: I am very excited about making this tonight, especially at 312 calories a serving, this is perfect with a serving of rice.  Review to come!

6) Angel Food Cake: Alright, I know this says Chocolate glazed, blah blah blah, but I'm not having 300+ calories for 1 inch of cake.  I am going to make this tonight, sans glaze.  I think I'll likely wind up having this with strawberries before bed at night.  Again, review to come-just trying to make up for my lack of recipe posting!

7) America's Worst French Fries: Don't worry--you can still have them!  In fact, the golden arches make a surprise showing here in the category of "best" fries in America. Man, I am craving some of those right now...must eat grapes...

8) What the World's Healthiest People Eat: As a foodie and fitness person, I love this article big time.  Also, turmeric, one of my new favorite spices gets a little shout out.  I'm not saying that any of us should adopt wholly any of these diets, but we should be a lot more willing to do what they do--they take their time, they are gentle with their food and allow it to have flavor on its own with the use of calorie free spices.  Step outside your normal cooking path and try a little something new!

And that's all for right now.  Post coming this afternoon with a frozen food review.

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