Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Frozen Food Review (1)

Every night I make dinner with enough for leftovers.  Everything is made fresh and is packed before I get up to go to work.

Haaaahaha.  Yeah right.

There are days, many days, it seems, when I have to be able to throw stuff into a lunch box, most specifically, a frozen meal.  I've been a long time supporter of Lean Cuisine since I've always preferred that taste, but I thought it might be a good idea to branch out.  I purchased a few lean cuisines and an assortment of Amy's and Kashi frozen meals.  Over the next week, you'll see a variety of frozen meal reviews.  Today's review...

Amy's Indian Mattar Tofu
The Skinny:
Calories: 260
Fat: 8g
Carbs: 40g
Protein: 12g

First off, I should say that I like Indian food quite a bit, so this wasn't some new adventurous food for me.  I heard about a place in L.A. that serves moving octapus...that is new adventurous food for me.  If you've never had Indian food, please don't start here.  As far as frozen food goes, it was pretty good. The rice was moist without being mushy, the two Indian foods were a good combo of a type of curry without being too spicy--though I take points away for not being spicy enough.  The tofu was kind of chewy, the way a thick fried egg can be--or maybe the egg in a dry omelet.  I like my tofu a bit different (not sure how, just not...like eggs).

I'll also mention that I don't like eating frozen entrées with meat in them. It's a weird thing.  I also avoid Asian food with meat, aside from the occasional chicken.  I avoid it in frozen food because it's almost always chewy and kind of...watery while I avoid the Asian entrées with meat because I can't see if I'm about to chow down on a piece of fat with the sauce.

The dish wasn't memorable, but it wasn't bad either.  While it was expensive ($4.50), I'd buy it again for the sheer reason that it was 260 calories, not dry or watery, and it filled me up.

Presentation (1-5): 3, distinct sections of the plate and they made Indian food look better than my homemade Indian food.
Taste: (1-60): 45.  Not great, not terrible, but I never thought "what am I eating?" it definitely was Indian food.
Satiety: (1-15): 10  This was hard to give--I had it with grapes and a 100 calorie pack of cookies, but I'm going to go with a 10. 
Nutritional Balance (1-15): 13.  I was totally pleased with the fact that it was 260 and filling, and had a variety of tastes--unlike Lean Cuisine ravioli.

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