Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pizza DOES Have Calories and My Brilliant New Idea

Did you know that a slice of Papa John's Cheese Pizza on regular crust has 400 calories?  Because I sure as hell did not.  I found this out AFTER consuming 4 of them.  Guys, that is quite literally about the total of my caloric intake on a daily basis.  I paired this with a nice prosecco and blam.  So much for that.

But if there's one thing I've learned, it's to never dwell on what you've already consumed or how much you weigh now.  Focus on the future, the next meal, the next few pounds, whatever.  Inevitably, stress makes you keep the weight.

I choked on my light turkey breast sandwhich while totalling yesterday's calories.  Alas.  But tonight, I'm meeting my dear friend (who you may remember from this post: in VEGAS where she teaches for Teach for America.  Words cannot tell you how excited I am to be going to see her.

Right now, I'm sitting in the Denver airport, waiting for my flight, a little baffled that it's only 12:13 while my internal clock is feeling a bit more like 2:13.  By the time I get to Vegas, it'll be somewhere around 5:30 in my brain and only 2:30 there. 

Tonight, we're going to hit up a 6pm spin class that she says is a real ass kicker.  Then I'm hoping we'll find a little place to grab a few drinks and some light food or that we'll whip something up (she was the first person to introduce to me to Volumetrics...and speaking of, check out their bulgar stuffed peppers.  150 calories of filling amazingness.)  I am focusing on eating well, working out, and enjoying my time with her instead of freaking out about my 4 figure dinner consumption last night.

Also.  I have a brilliant plan.  Anyone want to help me?

Let's put gyms with locker facilities in the airport.  $20 for a pass.  With people carrying on suitcases these days and long layovers (with a 30 minute flight delay and a 20 minute early arrival, I have about 3 hours to sit here), it would be no issue.  I'd KILL for a gym right now, hell, even just to pass the time.  Dibs on that idea, btw. 

Side note, I probably won't be posting much while I'm in Vegas.  I return on Wednesday, posting again Thursday, hopefully with a bit less stress and a lot more sanity.

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