Monday, May 18, 2009

When Pizza Doesn't Have Calories

This weekend a happy/sad thing happened.

One of my best friends in the world graduated from college and packed up and left DC for her amazing new life as a TFA teacher in Las Vegas. I know she'll kick ass and being an incredible influence on many many students lives out there...but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that I'm truly heart broken that she's leaving the city.

I met her in probably my first semester of teaching aerobics. She was one of my more friendly regulars...and when I asked if anyone was joining greek life that year, she said she was and named the co-ed frat I was in. We bonded and when she rushed, she became my little and my best friend.

Since then, I've seen her almost every class I've taught. Last summer, she basically lived at my place when I lived by myself. We had marathon girl date weekends, where I picked her up from work on Friday night, we went out that night, then hit up Philly pizza, or took in all day concerts while taking a day off work (warped tour) ...she was my go-to person here.

So, Friday, after work and running a few errands...I almost reluctantly threw on something to go to DC9 for indie music and a 6 dollar open bar (rail drinks only--this keeps me good, I can't drink hard liquor without feeling like I want to throw up). After her brother and his girlfriend left, she and I walked home so she could say good bye to the cats, then we jumped in the car to go to Philly pizza one last time.

Philly pizza is something of an institution. Incredible pizza for almost nothing. At 1 am, it's like a slice of heaven. It rivals jumbo slice any day of the week, because it's even good sober. It seems like everytime my friend and I had a girl weekend, Philly pizza squeezed its way in and it became something like a tradition.

And that's when pizza has no calories. Because after 4 years of girl dates and punk shows, late night pizza, long ponderings over a bottle of wine, and 5:50am boot camp...there's only one way to say goodbye--in the least dramatic and normal way possible.

Good luck, lady! Come visit for calorie free pizza any time.

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