Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Best Sleep

Time to take a break from doing not much of anything.

It's a pity that somehow someone can't find a way to evenly distribute the work we had over the past six weeks to this week. I'm bored with nothing to do, so I'm obviously thinking about the gym.

Last night, I had my first personal training session with my coworker, where I basically worked her as hard as I could. The good side of this is that a) it's probably improving our working relationship, and b) I got a good work out, too.

The work out was classic--20 minutes fast jog/run on the treadmill, very very fast (not short) arm routine hitting biceps, triceps, back, shouldes, chest, then on to lunges and squats. We went through abs and stretched out. A good work out by all accounts.

I can feel my body responding positively, even just in self perception, after three days of working out. I stepped on the scale and after those six weeks of hell on my body, I'd only gained 2 pounds. So I'm down to just 6 pounds lost...but that's something, isn't it?

The best thing to come of the working out, and I'm sure it has something to do with Chadd coming home last night, was that I finally slept through the night. No waiter dreams, no nightmares, nothing. Just sleep. And while I was exhausted when my alarm went off, since I was up late to pick up Chadd from work, I felt like I'd actually slept.

Goes to show...making yourself physically exhausted, even if you're mentally done, provides the best sleep.

Today, my favorite tool is MapMyRun.com. You can map your run, determine just how far you're going, check elevation, etc. Awesome! Definately going to try it out tonight...


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