Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Links

Following in the idea of bringing new features to the blog, Tuesdays are now Tuesday Links.  I know that's not very clever, so suggestions for something a little more catchy than Tuesday Links.  For now, I leave you with Tuesday's links!

What is a Calorie?
Fantastic article that tells you exactly what a calorie is (it's an intangible idea) and how it contributes to weight loss.  Demystify the bizarre numbers on a nutrition label!

The Importance of Numbers
This article is a bit more technical, but if the numbers you see at the gym--your weight, BMI, etc. confuse you, this is a good article that breaks it all down for you. 

Have You Ever Seen a Double Banana?
Sorry, this just cracked me up.  Maybe I need more coffee.  Fruit mutation!

Will Power and the "Slacker" Brain
Oh man do I love Robert Krulwich so hard.   But this is actually a great little blip from the radio.  It's about memory and making decisions.  People trying to balance more on their brains often times reach for the more unhealthy choice.   Clear your brain!  It'll give you a bit more balance.  Listen to this, even if only to listen to funny little quipy NPR and Robert Krulwich.  Ahaha just wait for the little voice in the back of your head.  Team emotion versus team reason!

Got some good links of your own?  Share them!

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