Friday, January 1, 2010


Welcome to 2010 everyone! This year, despite the fact that its the first time that I've been to an actual bar for new years (last year we had a blast at an all ages party in Cocoa Beach), I actually don't feel like it's a new year. Instead, it feels more like a random day where a smattering of stores were closed. But no matter, it seems that I usually crap out on resolutions created out of tradition instead of a real burning desire to make them and accomplish them.

After a few days of thinking and honestly assessing my goals, I decided to make resolutions out of them. So, while you build your new years resolutions, consider the following strategies:

1) Choose a goal that you really WANT to achieve--not something that you feel would be a good idea. By choosing a goal that is important to you, you're more likely to achieve it.

Mine: Finish my weight loss to my ideal (and healthy) weight by the end of February and maintain it.

2) Make 1 big resolution, if any at all. Instead of tackling, say, a 50 pound weight loss, and a kitchen remodel, and learning french, choose 1, that way, you're more likely to focus your efforts on the one instead of getting overwhelmed and quitting. If you can't decide, pick one and then make small steps towards the others.

Mine: See 1, and, get pricing for new counter tops for Ikea (a step towards maybe remodeling our kitchen.)

3) Make 1 fun resolution. Why? Sometimes we need to make ourselves do something fun.

Mine: See my two best friends in their respective cities. I'm on my way to one in a few weeks--Vegas, baby!

4) Make one responsible resolution. Why? There's always one simple, responsible thing that nags us. Stop the nagging! Make yourself do it.

Mine (I admit, I have 2): 1- Continue my savings/investing pattern that I established this year. 2) Make and following a cleaning schedule to avoid stressing myself out.

5) Make a resolution that you can do with someone else. This will boost accountability and strengthen your bond.

Mine: Have 1 date with Chadd a month. Since we live in DC, we have access to a great website called Groupon is active in a ton of cities these days, so check it out to see if your city has groupon! Essentially, for a discounted rate, you can purchase gift certificates to restaurants, attractions, spas, gyms, etc. Example: Chadd and I are trying out Posh downtown. I paid $15 for $35 to Posh. We'll try out new places and spend time together.

6) Learn something new. This could be anything--take golf lessons, take a cooking class, learn how to sew, etc.

Mine: Study for and take my personal training certification exam. Also, stick with the yoga. It's a fun challenge and good for my muscles after a run.

So, there you go! What are your resolutions? How will you achieve them? Look for my plan of action coming up soon


  1. I take a slightly different approach after years and years of breaking resolutions. Last year I focused on spiritual and physical health: mass every Sunday and holy day of obligation, 5 servings of fruit/veg per day, and increase the exercise. I pretty much did it - joining my gym and starting yoga helped a lot. This year I'm focusing on financial and emotional health - I have a concrete and hopefully attainable saving goal and I plan to make more time to relax, read, cook, and do what makes me happy: yoga and dance. This'll also involve less mindless staring at facebook. Also, of course, continue last year's resolution/lifestyle changes.

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  2. My resolution a few years ago was to not complain. It has stuck with me. I think I have been successful at it. I feel more optimistic this way too. New resolution is to keep up my art marketing...