Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Training Schedule, Retry

Something was weird with my last entry.  As in, the first half was entirely blank.  So, here is the first part of that entry...

I told my Sunday morning class about some up-coming races and invited them to join me for the Historic Half Marathon on May 16th.  In anticipation of hopefully a few of them joining me (because my class is awesome), here is the training schedule I"m personally following (see last entry)

If you are interested in completing a half marathon in Mid-May, then I suggest looking for an ambitious trainng schedule that starts out a bit slow to build endurance, then does a pretty heavy backload with a recovery week before the event.  I also recommend ignoring my advice and checking out Jeff Galloway's website, which I am afraid to post because I think that's what caused my last entry to be half blank.  I used Jeff Galloway's training program in his marathon book (which is a great read, btw) and had great results (I didn't die!).  He's a wonderful trainer for beginner and advanced runners.  He has a lot of great tips on his website that I suggest going through.  His program is 19 weeks long, so if you're doing the Half, I suggest taking out 2 weeks of your choice (but should not be the longest long run week).

See below for my schedule!

I managed to get my 3 miles in last night....on the treadmill, at race pace.  Suffice to say, I was exhausted at the end.  Treadmill kills me.

Also, don't forget to help me with my new years resolution and spread the blog love!  Goal of 300 by the end of the year.  You can follow me on Twitter, too!

There might be some big news coming in the next few weeks, too.  Stay tuned!

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