Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back from Vegas

I will tell you all about my amazing amazing trip to Vegas in the near future, but for now, I just have to say one thing:

I do not feel less stressed out and more sane post vacation.

Instead, I feel drastically worse.

Seeing J was probably one of the best things for me, but being out of the city, enjoying the wide-open skies, the mountains, and driving through Red Rock Canyon during a flash snow storm did nothing for making it easy to return to the District and my job.

A few things keeping me afloat this morning (aside from my massive Starbucks), is that while in Vegas, J and I did get to her awesome gym (huge! $31 a month! unfair!) where we took a spin class with an instructor now known as "Hot Jason" then a BodyPump class the next morning which resulted in me not really walking correctly for about 2 days.

I feel like I've lost weight, because despite the fact that we ate so-so (and SO delicious), my dress slacks now pool in my lap when I sit down.  We also got spray tans, so while I look smaller through optical illusion, I can see some of my "angles" coming back in.  I have almost-abs!  I also bought a slinky black dress for going out that I actually fit into without looking like a sausage....small victories amounting to a pretty good feeling. 

The hardest thing about coming back is that leaving never changed the fact that I didn't want to be here.  It just made it harder to come back. I think it's also hard that J is my go-to "let's go and do" person.  I remembered immediately why she and I had gotten along so well to begin with and why it sucked majorly when she left.

We went!  We did! We saw! We experienced!  And now I'm here, sitting, answering emails.  Maybe it's a typical reaction after a good, but too short, vacation.  Or maybe, there's a fork on the road.  We'll see. 

For now, power through the day, it's almost Friday.  I've got 3 miles to get through tonight with K.

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