Friday, January 22, 2010

The Weekend

Alrighty.  Finally Friday afternoon!  I'm sitting here with Chadd at the office, enjoying a few things:

The glow of having gone to cycling this morning kept me going all day, as did the discovery that one of my favorite dresses and old dress shirts are now *gasp* almost too big.   One of my favorite women in the office just informed him that I'd lost 11 pounds.  His response: O_o

My plans for the weekend are close to home.  We're almost in February!  How have I not cleaned out closests, etc? 

I'm going to accomplish that this weekend, take whatever I can to Plato's closet, hopefully come out with some cash and take the rest to Goodwill.

I'm going to go through my bookshelves, put what I think is worth something on amazon or, and then donate the rest.

And then there is the Atari.  As awesome as it is to have it,  it's taking up space and we don't play with it anymore.  I think that'll be an ebay or Craigslist item.

Finally, a bunch of cooking.  We're going to the grocery tonight on the way home from work, so watch for a weekly menu shortly! 

Cooking from home saves money, gives you at least a fighting chance of being more healthy, and you can control what you put into your food, and therefore your mouth.  Planning out meals also makes it harder to pick up the phone and call Papa Johns when you're tired and hungry and have no idea what to make.

Stay motivated!  Use the weekend to recharge and plan your week.  Fallen off the wagon?  No worries, get it back together on Monday when you've gotten yourself together, made a plan, and promised to stick to it.

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