Friday, January 15, 2010

A Little (less) About Me

Lately, in talks with a very close blogger to my heart (and my awesome Mom!) (you can read her blog here: I've realized that I need to refocus my blog.  She's in the middle of an effort to build her business through media, and has taken cool courses on how to focus blogging.  Check out her experiences.

I've enjoyed writing what I've been writing, but the blog has kind of trailed off of it's original path (which is fine).  I want to keep in touch about me personally, as well.  This started as a catalogue of my effort to watch what I eat (calorie counting) and my desire to stay fit.

I had ups and downs (just read back to some time around Easter of 2009) and lost and gained.  So, I'm happy to remind you to remind me to stay honest with you all.  That half bottle of prosecco during restaurant with good friend K of, yeah that was ALL me.

Sometime around late October, I stepped on the scale and basically threw up on myself.  I was officially over the point that I told myself I would never go over.  Instead of wig out, I partnered with a good friend of mine in our great secret blog project.

About 2 months later, I have found that this blog has been the biggest help.  On days when I feel like I really really need that cookie, linking up with my co secret blogger, I get through it.  We celebrate together, we commiserate together.  I haven't seen her in a while, but I'm sure she looks dynamite.

And now to tell you all, thanks to the awesome bodybugg, calorie counting, and my secret co blogger, I have successfully lost 11.5 pounds since Thanksgiving.  I am officially further along (and more easily won this time) than the beginning of 2009 when I started down this path.  I am at a BMI of 23.4, which is on the higher end of a health range.

I am about 10.5 pounds away from my ideal ideal goal weight, but only about 7 pounds away from "I will be happy to maintain my weight here" weight.  At the ideal ideal weight, I will be at a BMI of 21.6.

Ladies and gentlemen, it can be done with patience and a whole lotta learning.  I strongly suggest reading food lables, checking out what is in your food, etc.  It makes a big difference when that cookie that doesn't taste THAT good had a caloric value, doesn't it?

If that doesn't help.  Check this business out:

That, my friends, is a pound of fat.  Nothing like some visual imaging to keep you going, right?  Those last 10 pounds are only as hard as you let them be.

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  1. Thank you for the credit! I hope you like my new dietsarecrap dedicated paragraph. I figured I'd add a little spot for my girl on my blog. Hope it helps.