Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whey Powder and Flax Seed Oil

Last night, things took a turn for the worse.

I picked up Chadd and came home ready to go to bed. I lay down...and the coughing started. I expected it. But after an hour of coughing, many cough drops, glasses of water, and cough medicine later...I was coughing so much I was choking, which turned into vomiting. I say choking and I don't mean "I couldn't breathe," just more like "aaauuuggh cannot stop coughing."

I wrote an email to my boss and to one of my team mates and told them I wouldn't be coming into the office today.

My original intent was to go to a walk-in clinic this morning...but the closest walk-in clinic is in Rockville. I don't have a primary care doctor here because no one is taking new patients.
That's the health update.
But, as promised, here's the flax seed and whey powder update.

At the direction of the man at Vitamin Shoppe, I purchased a low calorie whey protein powder called Necter:

90 Calories for a scoop and since I was going to be mixing it with fruit, oatmeal, etc, I opted for vanilla.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, they taste chalky, have a chemical after taste--but this one was very clean, almost milky.

Good recipe:

1 c. strawberries, 1 c. ice, 1 scoop nectar, 1 tbsp. flax seed oil. Very thick, but light at the same time. It was enjoyable, I recommend it.

Bad recipe:

1/2 c. oatmeal, 1 scoop whey powder, but that's probably just because I hate oatmeal.

As for the flax seed oil, I have positive things to say about that. It made the smoothie thicker and rich.

For now, good diet days. I don't know if I can take down the chicken and salad right now. I've had enough medication and I'm starting to get tired. Law and Order SVU is on. Which means, I'll be napping before my hair appt.

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