Friday, June 5, 2009

Good News, Doctor Seekers!

Good news on all fronts.

First, it's Friday.

Better yet, I went to the Urgent Care place in Arlington yesterday and had my chest x-rayed--no pneumonia (whew!!). I can probably start running next Wednesday. They also gave me a z-pack and strict instructions to do the following:

1) Make an appt. with an ENT (ear nose throat) doctor.
2) Find a primary care physician and go there when I get sick--my tendency towards sinusitis is more than CVS can handle because they're not keen on giving out more than the standard antibiotics, said my urgent care doctor.

According to my last post, no one is taking patients.

The really good news?

The physician referral line for the DC Area:

703-Dial-VHS (703-342-5842).

Tell them what insurance you have and they'll give you a doctor. I haven't tried this out (bad, I know)...but just to make all you seekers out there sleep a bit better.

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  1. Also, depending on your health insurance, they may have a website to help you find doctors accepting your insurance in the area who have openings for new patients - that's how I found mine. Feel better!!!!