Friday, June 19, 2009

Learning a Way Out

Workouts 8 and 10 have become substantially harder. Substantially.

Week 1 workouts, I have since learned, were basically created to get your body used to working out. I did wonder why there were only 8-10 reps for every set. Surprise!

Week 2 workouts have, so far, tried to kill me. Monday were arms. The last thing I did were nosebreakers. The bar was only about 15 pounds and it wasn't heavy, but the movement itself was nearly impossible because my arms and shoulders were shaking so much.

Last night was a surprisingly intense session. It was mostly legs/butt. I later told Chadd that crawling home probably would have been easier. He suggested that since I haven't done a good job going to bed early (or getting up early), that I should pour a glass of wine and take a hot bath.

Horror of horrors. We don't have a plug for the bathtub. Most depressing. SO...I am still sore this morning, my hamstrings are tight and my calves feel like they're spasming. But at least it feels like a good work out.

In other news, I truly enjoy learning. I also enjoy learning while not at my job so that I feel like I have a life outside of this place. This week has been a rash of signing up for classes.

I found that Sur la Table has cooking classes. Steakhouse workshop: check. Additionally, my good friend BT has asked me to take belly dancing lessons with her...check? The shimmy and shake begins next Wednesday. I've been told that if you're really good, you can flip a coin on you stomach. I doubt I'll be coin flipping good. I have high hopes for belly dancer abs.

And finally, I registered for my NASM live workshop. NASM, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, offers one of the best personal training certifications. My live workshop will be less test prep, more hands on. Once I have the money, I'll be signing up for the certification exam (which is almost $600).

One of the best ways to get out of a rut is to learn something new. Cheers to that!

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  1. Intro bellydance isn't super intense. My abs are pretty good from other dance, but they were never sore after class or anything and I didn't notice a huge difference. It's fun, though!