Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 1 Review

Day 2 of the 28 Days.

My old roommate, we'll call her K, has joined my gym. We had a great time last night, trying out the first weight work out in the 28 day plan, battling the crazed new version of the elliptical (has anyone seen this bizarre thing?), and chilling out in the Hamam that was recently opened downstairs.

Day 1 Work-Out Review:

Focus: Upper body, primary: biceps, triceps
Difficulty (1-10): 6; I need to jump up to 10's, instead of babying myself with the 7.5's (who makes that size weight?)
Time required: 35 minutes (I had to reference the book a few times)

Review: This was a good work out; I'm goign to have to train myself to only do that work out. We'll see how it goes, but the point is to really target one area per work out. I definately need to boost my weights, but since I'm still getting over being sick, I figure 7.5 pound weights was okay for now. None of the specific movements were hard to understand or difficult to do.

I really appreciate the guy who wrote this book--he's realistic. At first, you flip through and go, oh hell no, I'm not going to make it to the gym 6x a week. Then...if you read the intro, you see that there are technically 6 workouts a week--but you can combine your cardio and weight days to make it into three days of workouts--topping out at about an hour at the gym for each of those days.

This guy took the time to consider how people make it to the gym. If I had been conscious of myself during those weeks of crazy work, I'd probably have been able to stick to this schedule.

Day 1 Food Review:

Saitey (1-10): 8
Yum Factor (1-5): 2

Review: My biggest gripe about the food is that I prefer choosing what I get to eat. While the calorie counting was a pain, it was also a lot more free than the menu you see in earlier posts.

Today, while I haven't cheated, I didn't start out so well. I am not myself in the morning. I'm groggy and totally undedicated. There was a huge thunderstorm in the DC area around 6 this morning, so I hit snooze until I should have been leaving the house because I lost an hour of sleeping wondering if the cat was throwing up, if the windows were going to blow in, if a tree had fallen on my car.... Needless to say, I didn't make my 6 egg white and portabello mushroom omelet. It's my dream to get up an hour before I have to leave the house. Maybe that'll be the goal for next week.

I did, however, try the oatmeal again. I made it at work, which was probably a bad idea since it exploded all over my client's microwave. Once I cleaned it up, added my whey powder, it wasn't half bad....but I was also starving.

Meal two was an ounce of dry roasted peanuts.

Lunch should be promising...turkey sandwhich and large salad (which I forgot the dressing for...sad panda.)

Meal three is a cup of raspberries which is quickly liquifying in my lunchbox.

Meal four consists of the bay scallops in my freezer and a whole bunch of spinach. Last night's tilapia was actually pretty good.

My version:
- one small filet, a few slices of onion, bunch of capers, lemon juice, in a pan with a tiny bit of water, tented, and poached for 5 minutes. Two whole yellow squash, steamed.

Chadd's version:
- three filets, dipped in cream and egg mixture, tossed in bread crumbs, fried in vegetable oil. New potatoes, steamed.

Clearly, I'd prefer his version to mine. This is why I usually make his dinner after mine. Otherwise, I'll lose control. The key to sticking with this diet is to eat before you get hungry (meaning, I should eat right now), and to eat exactly what's on the menu.

I'd better start looking up ways to make scallops delicious without sticks of butter...

ps. my coworkers crapped out on Biggest Loser. Why am I not surprised?

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