Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sleep or a lack thereof

I was googling trying to find an article to back up what I believe about sleep--but instead I received disturbing news:

Exercise does not improve the quality of your sleep: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/06/090608071937.htm

Very irritating.

However, I'm inclinded to believe that it actually does help you sleep. This is all just from personal experience. My mother will tell you that she knows when I'm tired because I cry. Chadd has also learned this as evidenced by a mental breakdown sometime on Saturday.

I'm also one of those people who stays up and tosses and turns if something's bothering me. I need to be tired to fall asleep. I need to destress to be tired enough to sleep. Bingo, for me, exericse = better sleep.

Quoted from the article above, I'm clearly Type A:

"Dr. Eliasson speculates that these findings may be explained by personality types: Individuals who are Type A (ambitious, active people during the day), may also be more hyper-vigilant at night and therefore sleep less; whereas people who are Type B (lower-key people who are less active) may have no difficulties falling or staying asleep. Another explanation may be that job and life stresses lead to busier days, more exertion and more calories burned but may interfere with sleep."

I'm getting better sleep here on day 9, but it's not enough. Last night, I stayed up too late to watch Extreme Home Makeover (which I had DVR'ed...). Then Chadd came home around 2. Clearly, I didn't say goodnight and go to sleep. Instead, I got up, lay on the sofa while he had dinner. Spending time with him is also another way for me to move from Type A to Type B.

I figured, another 20 minutes awake with him was worth 20 minutes of sleep.

I paid for it this morning (not the 20 minutes so much as the 2:30 bed time.) Clearly, I did not make it out of bed an hour before I had to leave. Instead, I slept in much later than I normally do. I haven't even had time for makeup these days. Thank God for Rodan + Fields or I'd really look like a mess.

I really do vow to go to bed early tonight. Mostly because I'm so exhausted that I've been fighting falling alseep at my desk all day. But also because I really do want to get up early tomorrow and have time to put on make up and eat breakfast at home...So we'll see. Lights out at 11, Real Housewives will be over by the anyway.

The greater issue at hand is my new favorite topic of how a job you dislike (read: loathe) can mess with your greater health.

I have now reached that point in time where I just don't want to go to bed because it means I'll wake up and have to go to work. Less sleep.

I'm stressed out, so even when I do get in bed, I lay there thinking about how much I don't want to go to work. Less sleep.

You know the drill.

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