Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Long hours, short days

This is a particularly henious week for a few reasons.

1) I was informed late last week that we would be asked to work 50 hours a week...for the next three weeks. (This is only day two of week one.)
2) I normally only work 40 at the office, and maybe another 5 at home. I'm at the office around 45 hours a week due to a lunch and coffee break. Love my capped hour consulting gig. 50 hours means, if I want to leave at 5:30, like I normally do to get home to my life, I have to be here at 7:30 and not take a lunch break.
3) I am T-minus 33 days to my triathlon and no where near where I need to be for training.

This combination means I'm about to go into a challange that has the potential to crack my will. Pizza doesn't sound good now, but it might somewhere around Wednesday of next week. That's just a guess. It's more likely that as Easter draws near (and the end of Lent with it) that candy will once again be freely within my reach. I admit, I have a sweet tooth, especially when I'm tired. I haven't been craving it lately, especially with the help of 100 calorie packs of cookies, but I know it's got potential to rear it's ugly head and become an epic craving.

So anyway, for the next three weeks (essentially, all of my training time), I'll be working over time (without getting paid over time) and having to squeeze in training.

This is not counting in the fact that Chadd's mom is coming to visit us for Easter. I'm really excited to see her and have her stay with us, but it means I also need to really spend some of my spare time cleaning the apartment. She'd never judge, but I never want to look like I live in a dump. Also, I guarentee you that I will much rather spend time with her than go to the gym right after work.

Not to mention that she and I have started a secondary business (http://loveyourface.myrandf.com/ if you're curious) and need to spend some time getting that hammered out.

So, when it's all said and done for the next...20 days-ish...I need to be on top of my game, prepared to be tired, unwavered by quick, fatty food and sugar rushes, and still have energy/the will to go to the gym at the end of the day. Sadly, I can't go in the mornings while this 50 hours business is happening...so now it's gotta happen at night. The prime "nah, I'll cut the gym" hour.

I made a schedule to combat all this. Last night was a 45 minute swim--check.

Today, with church, I'm giving myself my day off.
Wednesday: Gym date with my brownie-craving friend (you want to be called by your real name or do you want a new identity? gchat me.)
Thursday: After tutoring, bike and run
Friday: Off or Swimming
Saturday: Off or Swimming
Sunday: double aerobics

I'll update on my success (I refuse to consider failure) as we move along. I think I'll stick with it out of the sheer fear of drowning in the triathlon.

For your reading/research pleasure: Best and Worst, brought to you by Eat This, Not That (essentially, volumetrics and a good research team.)

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  1. fear of drowning is a VERY powerful motivating factor...