Friday, March 20, 2009

Chocolate Torte? Not this one...

I subscribe to Self online--I'm part of their 30 day challenge or whatever. I used it last summer until I got bored or too behind. However, their calorie calculator for workouts is top notch, so I pop in once and a while.

With this subscription comes little blast emails that I've subscribed to-mostly for the recipes.

I love to cook...and I'm a good cook.

However. Be aware....this low cal recipe sucked.

They promise me that "you'll love this chocolate torte, dripping with deliciousness"

Wrong. So very wrong. Especially at 300 calories wrong. (I didn't bother with the "whipped topping," so probably more like 200-250)

I was skeptical going in: prunes. Really folks? Let's hop on the PR bandwagon from a few years ago and start calling them dried plums.

But I was hopeful. Honestly, I think without the prunes it probably would have tasted like a low fat, dry brownie. The prune just added chucks of gooey...prune.

Bottom line: there are better ways and tastier results.

Next time, I'm going the volumetrics carrot cake route. Results to follow.

Off the list: Prunes.

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