Thursday, April 2, 2009

Crispy Tofu Trials

Days just slip by, don't they?

So update on the hectic 50 hour lifestyle. The benefit of getting up early has been that I'm at the office early. It reminds me how much I prefer getting a start on the day. Once I'm off the 50 hours/week, I am telling myself that I will continue to get up early so I can spend an hour drinking coffee, getting ready, reading the paper. This is, of course, a pipedream.

Once my gym buddy stops traveling for work, I'll get back on my morning work outs, which will be supremely beneficial for all involved. And I'll be up early for that anyway.

I've continued to be good eating, aside from a slip up at work yesterday where I had a small square of cake. My brownie-craving friend, hence known as Brownie, and I went to the gym together last night and I told her about the slip up and about how I was pretty close to my calorie requirement anyway and that whatever, we all need chocolate cake now and then.

I was wrong. Very very wrong.

Because I felt sick running on the treadmill. I had chills then hot flashes then waves of naseau. It's true that once your body gets used to healthy food, it really doesn't like bad food. Mine really really didn't. I felt even worse later in the night. My sugar levels were totally out of control. I eat sugar. I eat a lot of natural sugar--fruit is quickly becoming my depedency as are 100 calorie packs. But that cake was so not a good plan. My co-worker and I have agreed to remind each other how sick we felt next time there is cake involved.

So far, 2 of 3 days, I have gone to the gym. Tuesday was church, so I was exempt. I still have to go tonight and either Friday or Saturday, which will take some convincing of my will.

In food news, I'd like to share with you my latest escapade into the real world of dieting.


I actually really like tofu. I've always preferred it in my chinese food more than I have the meat of whatever variety. Call me suspicious. But I dont' really cook with it. I like fried tofu, which I can only assume takes lumps of almost nada calorie bean curd and load it with calories.

I had a block of tofu in the fridge from a previous dream of making my volumetrics pad thai tofu. Didn't happen. So I opened it up, loaded up google and did a search "lo cal tofu recipes." I eventually found something that applied to what I could make with my limited supplies. I basically have spices, some lettuce, tofu, and a few random veggies.

I took the tofu, sliced it into about 1/4" slices, threw it in a pan that was sprayed with vegetable spray, coated with chili powder, garlic salt, peper, and salt. I had some spicy sauce stuff that I threw on there (adding 25 calories) and gave ti about 5 minutes a side. Not really crispy. The recipe online said to throw it in the oven at 400 degrees--that would make it crispy. Did that, no go. Set to broil, 4 minutes later.

I threw together some lightly stirfried veggies (onions, bell peppers, mushrooms) and dumped the tofu on top.

I wouldn't serve it in a restaurant and I still have no idea how to make a healthy crispy tofu...but it wasn't bad. I give it a weak three stars. Filled me up, it was spicy (which, for me, is a plus) and reheated well for lunch. Everyone said it smelled good, so I get points there.

Now, I just have to tackle texture, which, as Brownie would say, is the most important part.

Lesson: I like tofu, but I think I need more research and a better stocked fridge.

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