Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chocolate indulgences

This morning I woke up late. Rather, I hit snooze until really late. This made me fuzzy all morning (this is important to keep in mind.)

I got to work and boom, like clockwork, right after I had gotten my coffee (19 calories with the skim milk), someone was in our office with post baby shower treats. These included beautiful, designer chocolate bars.

In case you didn't know, chocolate is my weakness. I love chocolate about as much as I love good restaurant bread--which is a lot.

This basket had the most beautiful bar of dark, coconut filled chocolate. Yes please.

Without a thought of "I shouldnt' eat this," I did. (Remember: fuzzy brain syndrome)

And man was it amazing. Chococlate surrounding the lightest, most flaky coconut layer. It quite literally melted into butter, sugar, and cocoa in my mouth. (Do a test, are you salivating? Are you craving chocolate? Okay, now skim down and read my entry on cravings. Go drink that big cup of water).

Not only was it amazing, it was 250 calories amazing.

Did I care? nope!

And then I got a ridiculous raging headache. So much for me and my chocolate dreams. I'd have been a lot better off having a 50 calorie square of it, saving it and savoring it...and avoiding the headache.

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