Monday, August 2, 2010

Wanted: Fail Proof Way to Get Up

You guys, I'm losing my mind.


I need to find a fail proof method to getting my butt out of bed in the morning.  Things I have tried?
- Setting an alarm in another room (get up, turn off, go back to bed)
- Setting several alarms (turn both off or hit snooze on both)
- Setting alarm an hour before I have to get up (snooze...snooze...snooze through time I meant to get up)
- Two alarm clocks of the feline variety with a non negotiable wake-up time of 5:30 (locked out of bedroom after feeding)
- Morning gym routine (mild success)
- Signs (epic fail, I can't read in the dark or without my glasses)

Chadd says that the real problem is that I KNOW that I can get ready in about 10 minutes.  And it's true. I don't like it, persay, but I don't need more than 10-15 minutes.  I would much rather have an hour to take my time, have breakfast, etc.

The other problem, too, is that I can't really spend a whole bunch of time in the room in the morning getting ready, since Chadd's still sleeping.  I would RATHER sleep, too.  I can't turn on the tv, or the radio, or music while I get ready...

The final problem is that I don't really have a time that I have to be at work.  8:30?  Sure.  8:45?  Okay.  A little after nine when the world goes insane at home?  Sure.  It's a double edged sword (one I'm glad to have, so don't see this as complaining) but it doesn't help when I'm like "augh, got four hours of sleep...must hit snooze."

I guess that last sentence betrays me.  I never get enough sleep.  A lot of it is that when I pick up Chadd, I'm forced into losing a couple hours of sleep.  Unfortunately, there isn't really a way around that one that doesn't break our budget or force me to quit teaching.

I'm making an effort to get up at least 30 minutes before I have to leave from here on out.  Which means I need to be up at 7:45 every day.  Shouldn't be that hard.

Any suggestions?

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