Monday, August 30, 2010

No, seriously this time.

Maybe 3rd time is a charm...I keep saying I'll be better about blogging, but since I just charged up my bodybugg and am in the process of writing out a week menu, I think this time it'll stick.

Big concerns on my right heel has started hurting quite a bit, very much like a heel stone.  I did just switch to new shoes, so hopefully that will remedy the situation.  I know I ran a couple miles too many in my last ones, probably causing the pain/bruising.

I'm looking for healthy dinner ideas....anyone?


  1. Sorry about your foot. I hope the new shoes will help...eek. I made a wonderful butternut squash, wild rice, mushroom soup a few weeks ago that has very few calories, but lots of nutritious things in it. It was in Sunset magazine, so maybe it is listed on their website. If it isn't I can scan and send it. xoxo

  2. My heel gets hatey sometimes too. I find that icing it (bag of frozen peas, what?!) helps a lot. That and the sweet little heel stretch where you angle your foot against the base of a wall and push. That combo usually leaves me feeling good.