Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday: Mid-distance Run or Sleep

Hope you went out for a run last night!

My beginning runners' group is growing with astonishing success.  Week two, up from 1 person to 4.  Everyone is a much better runner than they thought, and I find it so interesting that they all have told me "I'm afraid to run."  It's a concept that I'd forgotten many many miles ago.  That's not to downplay it at all, because I definitely had that fear.  I was afraid that I'd get too far out and my knees would hurt, that I'd be too tired to come back, etc. etc. etc.

Last night, we ran the small indoor track at the Y:

2:30 minutes jogging
30 second sprint
1 minute jogging
1 minute walking recovery

We did 5 sets of that (25 minutes), 5 minutes of squats, abs, core, then another 3 sets (15 minutes).  Pair that with about 10 minutes combined warm up and cool down.

Tonight, if you were me, you'd be getting into bed sometime around 8 to sleep for about 11 hours since you're afraid you're getting your boyfriend's cold.

But if you were me last week, you'd be headed out for an hour long serious run with your running partner.  So, if you're the me from last week, get to it, get out there and take a serious mid distance run.  If you're the me from this week...make pasta sauce and then pass out watching real housewives of dc.

Tomorrow morning, hit the gym for a spin class!

In other news--Hi Mom!  Don't worry, I'm not getting sick, I'm just stuffy.  Blame Chadd.  I'll call you when I get home!


  1. I bet your beginner runners sleep well at night. that is a great workout and training routine.

  2. Hey Mia -- here's a post from someone who finished a Ragnar Relay last weekend: thought you might find it interesting!