Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day One, Good to Go

I will never take a week off of running during training season again.

You all know how freakin hot it's been here, so it makes sense that all will power I had totally got zapped as the temperatures rose above 100 degrees.

Last night, I had to get real, so I went to the gym and jumped onto the dreadmill for a 5k.  Worst 5k ever (aside from the Wolftrap 5k, which was heinous due to the billion hills).  I barely made it alive off the treadmill, then I did a quick set of weights for shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest/back, glutes, quads, and inner/outer thighs.  Horrible.

However, I'm glad I did it.  The first run back after time off is always the worst; I expect Wednesday's run with my beginner group to be a lot smoother and my Thursday night run to be awesome.

Anyway, I got back in the exercise saddle and hit my caloric burn of just over 2500 (target).

I did a great job with food:

- protein packed kashi crunch cereal (HIGHLY recommend)
- banana

- yogurt

- pita sandwich with turkey, pepper jack cheese, onions, and tomatoes (used our toaster oven to make it melty and crispy
- 100 cal. pack of cookies

- 100 cal. popcorn
- Peach

- HUGE salad with homemade dressing (mom--the Karen Otteinger dressing with the Ramen noodle seasoning)
- Radishes with french bread and a little butter
- 1 glass of wine

Calories came in around 1400, which is a bit low for my target (1500).  I'll probably make up for it tonight at the BierGarten Haus (mmm), but I'm already planning on the salmon with the herb butter on the side and a big beer.

Tonight is Step, so cross training is a go!

What did y'all do in the heat?  Did you keep working out or crap out, like me?

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  1. The heat kills any and every desire I have to run. Kills it dead. The treadmill is a motivation sap for me and then my outdoor runs are horrible. Perhaps I'll just work on keeping my endurance up in other ways and take up running again once it cools the eff down! :)