Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plans plans plans

Quick update...plans for the week!

-       Breakfast: Cereal, peach
-       Snack: Yogurt
-       Lunch: Amy’s meal, carrots, 100 cal pack
-       Snack: Banana
-       Dinner: Big salad, chicken

-       Breakfast: Cereal, peach
-       Snack: Yogurt
-       Lunch: Salad, cheese, triscuits, 100 cal pack
-       Snack: Popcorn
-       Dinner: “grilled” veggies, chicken, rice

-       Breakfast: Cereal, applesauce
-       Snack: Yogurt
-       Lunch: “grilled veggies” and rice leftovers, 100 cal pack
-       Snack: Popcorn
-       Dinner: Pita thingys

-       Breakfast: Cereal, banana
-       Snack: Yogurt
-       Lunch: Pita, 100 cal pack
-       Snack: Veggies
-       Dinner: Whatever will wants

wiWill comes into town on Thursday night, hence the wild card.  

Working out:
Monday: 20 minute run, 20-30 minute full body weights
Tuesday: Step
Wednesday: 40-50 minute run (my beginning runner's group will meet for this first time this night, so I'll likely have a very light workout here)
RThursday: 40-50 minute run
Friday: Off
Saturday: 8 mile run
Sunday: 20-20-20

More later!


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