Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been a bad blogger, lately. Apologies.

I do want to address the Time Magazine article about how working out makes you gain weight or some nonsense like that, but rigth now, I'd rather just talk about how much I love boxing and this weather.

Boxing is a phenominal stress reliever for me. I instantly feel better after starting class, and when I'm done, I'm often times too tired to over analyze anything, or criticise myself or others. I feel released.

I had the benefit the other day of stepping on a scale and noticing that I'd lost 5 pounds in two weeks. I'm not saying it's a miracle, I still FELT better physically when I was eating within my caloric range and staying with the Volumetrics based cooking...but it's still nice to see that the hard work (which is really more of a stress relief session than anything) is paying off.

On top of that, I still make it to the gym in the mornings with my workout buddy (especially since she gives me a ride to work) and while those workouts are rarely immensely hard, it's another couple hundred calories expended. I usually get to the office refreshed, too--and awake. If there's one change I'm glad I've made, it's that I get to the gym in the morning.

Now to tackle the hard things.

I need to cut back on the crappy eating habits.

I'm talking about the glass of wine on a week night, or the cookie instead of a piece of fruit when I didn't really want anything. Or the eating beyond being satisfied.

I do believe in eating the burger, drinking the beer, and hitting the gym. Especially after my weeks of calorie counting and obsessing. I realized that it was was restrictive. It was extremely informative, nonetheless, and I'll think twice before ordering something or eating something that previously would have sounded like a good idea.

I just need to marry the two concepts--eating well and working out frequently and then I will have achieved what is usually considered the impossible.

But before that, I have two action packed weekends of fun and wine.