Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Training Update

Also, briefly,

I started training for my 5k last night. This, to a marathoner, sounds ridiculous. A 5k was my "whew, almost done with my long run" thought.

I've had to retrain my brain and it's taken almost three years to accomplish this. However. As I mentioned before, I have the goal now to accomplish at 5k in 25 minutes. This requires that I maintain about an 8 minute mile...something my marathon trained muscles (even though they're out of practice) dont' understand.

So last night, I got 2.1 miles in. I should have gone for 3.1, but I was eager to sit with K...which didn't happen because other people sat next to her on the I wound up on an old cycle bike for the last couple minutes of my cardio. The first mile or so was at an 8:30 pace (7 mph) and then the last mile was at an 8 minute pace (7.5 mph). Let me tell you. I'm not sore today, and I'm kind of surprise...but it was a workout.

I need to figure out how to translate my treadmill pace to my outdoors pace....which I assume will be rather trying considering I can't get myself out of the door in the morning without relying on my gym buddy. Perhaps I'd have made it this morning if I hadn't decided to stay up until 1:30 watching the afore mentioned More to Love.

For now, I project I probably wont' make my 25 minutes a week from this Saturday...but I'll definately make it Oct. 3, provided the crowds don't prevent it. Fingers crossed.

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