Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Race a Month

So occassionally I get these really ridiculous notions of what would be a good plan.

For example:

I recently decided that it would be fun to run 500 miles in a year. This is clearly a poor decision. Maybe not a poor decision, I'm sure I'd be close by accident anyway, so much as it's just another stressor on my workout regiment. I like running. In fact, once I get out the door, I usually love running. But forcing myself to about 10 miles a week (no matter if it's really only about 1.5 miles a day)...just seems a little insane. I'd probably lose my mind if I didn't make my goal or missed a week.

Ah the mind of the hyper obsessive!

I also decided last year that I'd do one race a month. That worked well for about three months, then totally fell apart when I got too tired to carry on. There was a 10 miler (which was my personal best, oddly), a 5 mile trail run (wow, that was a really poor choice, i've never felt so out of shape in my life), and the 10k jingle all the way (6.2 miles with jingle bells straped to your feet and cold wind blowing in off the basin = fail).

But, for whatever reason, I've suddenly decided that no, no, this would be brilliant. I'm going to try AGAIN!

In less than two weeks, I'll be taking up a 5k and doing the 5k for Cancer Awareness downtown.

In October, I'll probably be joining BT for the 5k AIDS Run/Walk, and then going out to Wolf Trap for the 5k for the Arts at the end of the month. After that, I've just convinced my mother that she should do the Turkey Trot back home with me and my brother. Another 5k.

It's my hope (and lunacy) that I'll stick with running as it gets colder and the mornings get darker as opposed to hiding away in my gym.

I'm going to the gym with K tonight, so hopefully that'll be the kickoff to my 5k week and a half training. The goal is less than 30 minutes, which should be fine, considering I run faster in a group and I already run faster than 1mile/10 minutes. Ideally, I'll have a 25 minute or lower time.

Here goes....something.

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