Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Great Debate

I'm having a conversation with a friend who is similarly gym addicted. She, too, gets a lot of stress relief from a good work out at the end of the day, and feels grumpy if she goes too long without a good sweat.

Tonight, my coworkers and I have to partake in an unenviable task of presenting a stressful presentation to upper management from 4-6. It's only about 30 minutes in the lime light, which is not something I get nervous about (it's the aerobics instructor thing), but it's a stressful situation regardless.

After this presentation, our company is sponsoring a happy hour for us...which means that our tab goes onto the company's credit card. Lubricated team bonding time in addition to the classic way to blow off steam from a stressful week at the office.

In another sphere of my life, I've taken up boxing at LA Boxing, which is the boxing club chain that is becoming increasingly popular around the country. For a long time I had the misconception about these clubs that they were a place to go and get beat on/beat on others. Not my style, I prefer injury free aggressive workouts. Cycling, for instance. The most intense I get with combat is TurboKick, and while it may be fun, it's not scary.

Boxing is scary. See it on tv...that hurts and I hate to admit to being a chicken, but I don't like getting hit in the face. Or getting hit anywhere else, for that matter.

But for some reason, I thought it might be worth checking it out. I think I heard somewhere that only 2-3 of the classes are sparring based and the rest of them are bag contact only.

I went to a free class with my now boxing buddy...and was addicted immediately. I signed up on the spot, bought my gloves, and now crave boxing every day.

More than a 1000+ calorie workout, it's stress relief, anger's hard to be angry, or even emotional after an hour long beat down on a bag. Talk about leaving it at the door, you can't even leave the gym with energy to be angry, much less make it to your door.

So this leads us to the great debate.

Do I go to the work sponsored happy hour after an 11 hour day that started at 7am, which is several metro stops away from home, with coworkers, who while I greatly enjoy a good deal of their company...I also see them 90% of my waking hours.


Do I head back home after the presentations (6), hopefully getting home by 7, in time to change and go to boxing to relieve stress and get home before 9, alcohol free, ready to shower and go to bed. Do I give up the free drinks and social interaction for some much needed stress relief and a good workout?

It really is up in the air right now. Report to follow on what I wind up doing. Your bets are welcome.

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