Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mornings: A Present to Myself

Wow, where have I been?

The good news these days is that I've been working out and fitting it into my busy schedule. With the help of my friend K, at least three times a week, we get together to go to the gym and push in 30 minutes of cardio or weights. On top of that, I'm still teaching on Sundays (and my second class has just started up)...and most recently, I have accomplished something wonderful:

I'm getting up early.

I did a lot of thinking about how to accomplish this, honestly. I wasn't getting up setting multiple alarms. I couldn't think clearly enough to convince myself that I wanted to get up and spend an hour in the morning doing things while I could be sleeping. Beating that logic hard especially considering that Chadd and I have radically different schedules. So that hour of hitting snooze is really the only time I spend with him during the week.

But I thought it out Monday night and decided to make things easy. I took my ipod dock that has a clock radio and put it in the kitchen, volume on full blast, and set it to 99.5. I figure that if I have to leave the bedroom to turn off my alarm (getting out of bed and walking across the room is my current system and has failed), then I'll get up.

Also, Monday night, post gym, I rinsed off with soap and water, but I didn't wash my hair or blow it dry. Now I HAVE to get up and shower, regardless.

Then, on the futon, a stack of my running clothes and shoes. Bingo.

For the past two mornings, my phone alarm has gone off at 5:30, which I have turned off and used as a sign to subject Chadd (who is probably dead asleep at this point) to intense cuddling. 6am, the radio goes off in the kitchen. Today's morning radio topic was about dead bodies or something (clearly I was still asleep when I hit snooze).

I got up, fed the cats, put in my contacts, changed and was out the door. It's not too hot at 6:15 in the morning. Just right, actually. I go to the zoo, say hi to the cheetahs (who get up around 6) and take advantage of the water fountain at the visitor center, then head home and cruise down the hill on Connecticut Ave.

When I get back, it's just before 7. This gives me an hour to drink coffee, check email, take a shower and do my make up. Choose an outfit and pack a lunch. And watch the morning news. Who knew!

It's given me a new lease on lilfe, it seems. I feel like I somehow upgraded. While I've known all along I'd prefer getting up...there's nothing like actually doing it. I feel calm throughout the day and I sleep like a rock at night...and I feel like I'm giving myself a present. The "I can make time for myself" present. At night I'm too busy doing what I need to do and making dinner for Chadd (my daily present to him) to really be focused on me. I'm hoping to focus enough on my run to add prayer tomorrow.

One of my coworkers thinks I'm a nut because I'm doing a few 2 a days (morning and night workout), but it's not that much different because instead of adding it to the day I was already having, I'm adding time to my day by getting up earlier. Ha!

Additionally, here is something my mom sent to me the other week that I found to be very true. I'm going to print it out for my fridge:

This is from Zen Habits and was guest written by Adam Gilbert of

The Healthy and Fit Algorithm
  • Eat every 3-4 hours. By doing this you’ll keep your blood sugar stable which is the key and also turn your body into a fat burning machine. Think of your metabolism like a camp fire. If you don’t want a camp fire to burn out, you have to constantly add wood and logs to it.
  • Never let yourself get hungry! This serves many purposes. It keeps your blood sugar stable, keeps that fire burning, but also when you’re very hungry it’s extremely hard to make good decisions!
  • Eat only complex carbs. Refined and simple carbs will spike your blood sugar which is exactly what we don’t want. Eat whole wheat bread instead of white, whole wheat pasta instead of regular, brown rice instead of white, etc.
  • Eat lean proteins! Depending on your lifestyle stick with proteins like chicken, eggs, and fish. Beans, nuts, legumes, and lentils are also awesome choices.
  • Veggies! You can never have too many vegetables. I say everything in moderation. Even moderation. Not with veggies!
  • Fruit is nature’s candy. Eat fruit when you are craving something sweet. You’ll be amazed at how little you miss junk food!
  • Drink lots of water. No need to get obsessive but try to drink a glass of water with each meal, and in between every meal. Your body will love you for it.
  • Don’t eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. And if you must - make it a protein rich snack.
  • Don’t eat until you’re stuffed. Instead, eat until you’re satisfied. You should feel like you can exercise right after you eat.
  • Eat slowly. The best way to eat until you’re satisfied is to savor every bite. The slower you eat the more full you’ll feel. It takes 20 minutes for our brain to realize we’ve eaten. We don’t need nearly as much food as we think we do!
  • No such thing as perfection! No one eats perfectly. We’re not robots! Remember: It’s what we do most of the time that generates most of our results! If you eat unhealthy make your very next meal healthy! No big deal. Just make that U-Turn! Every meal, every healthy choice, every compromise, really and truly makes a difference. Your body never lies!
  • Am I hungry? Or am I eating to change the way I feel? Ask yourself this before you eat. If the answer is yes, you’re eating for the wrong reasons! Physical hunger comes on gradually. Emotional hunger comes on suddenly.
  • Focus on eating foods that make you feel good. What does this mean? I like ice cream and cookies as much as the next guy. But I hate how it makes me feel afterward. Tired, lethargic, unfocused, etc. Instead, focus on foods that make you feel good before, during and after you’re done. You’ll never regret making a healthy choice!


  • Do it 4 times per week for at least 30 minutes. Seriously, doesn’t matter. Basketball, jogging, weights, push ups, etc. Unless you have a specific goal just make sure to get it done!
  • The two day rule! You can’t miss 2 days of working out in a row. You can skip one day. But not the next!
  • Don’t let the “Exercise Monster” build up. When I don’t do laundry for a while it becomes what I like to call the ‘Laundry Monster’. It builds up in my mind and I avoid doing it at all costs. Until finally, I have to. And it’s never as bad as I think it’ll be! Don’t let it happen to you. Follow the two day rule!
  • Don’t focus on exercising at a certain time. Just focus on making time to exercise!
  • Make it fun! Listen to music; join a nice gym; etc. Bonus: If you love working out with music as much as I do, only listen to your favorite music while you workout. I’ve actually exercised just to listen to my music.
  • Focus on how you want to feel. We always feel energized after we workout. Yet, we usually skip exercise when we’re feeling tired! Remember: Exercise will give you energy. Want more energy? Exercise more!
  • Exercise and eating right pays off big in your quality of life! If you need to spend extra money on groceries, a gym membership, trainers, etc., do it!
  • Warren Buffet said it best. “The best investment you can make is in yourself!”
    And if you’re able to follow these rules consistently you’ll be well on your way to getting in shape!

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