Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pumpkins, Crossfit, and an Injury Update

On Monday, I was up at the cruel hour of 6:30 (ha. jk. it's like sleeping in compared to swim mornings) to go see my podiatrist.

Having tested out the walking with a boot theory over the weekend, I was hoping the update would be: you're doing well! Yaay, keep walking! My biggest fear was "hey, bad news, your foot is broken broken and now you need surgery."

Good news!
Look Ma! Spongey bone growth!

Apparently, my foot is healing "ahead" of schedule. You can still see the fracture across the bone spur, but as compared to two weeks ago, there's now a cloudy mass around it - apparently, little bone particles, taking their time to HTFU and join the bone.

With pain down this weekend, Chadd and I went to the pumpkin patch with Morgan and Simon to find the largest pumpkin possible (success). I couldn't resist a little adaptive crossfit with my natural surroundings, especially since I missed CrossfitDC's annual Smackdown intergym competition (I'm coming for you guys next year!)

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In other news, Crossfit has continued to be a significant part of my active recovery - and a great chance to work on form. I'd highly recommend - to anyone- that you spend a week doing adapted workouts. It forces you to think about form. For example, last night I stopped by the 6:30 class to work on push press, figuring I could work from my knees. Coach Chris had different ideas and set me to work on a strict press (my *favorite*) from a bench.

If you've ever cheated on your strict press - and let's be real, we all have - this is puts a very real end to that and quickly.

I did learn that my 1RM is, in fact, my 1RM (seated or standing).

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This week, with two weeks down, I'm focusing on smart, active recovery. It's temping to totally trash the crutches and move on with wild abandon. Instead, this week I'm trying all of my sports in equal measure. Swimming may still be off the docket (unless I use a buoy), but AquaRunning and some time on the bike trainer are in.

We're heading to Charlottesville this weekend for a much needed fall escape, but Week 4 will be all about nutrition. My partner in terrible fitness pacts starts a 4 week challenge with his Crossfit gym on Monday and don't tell him, but I'm thinking of following the menu.

The best part about this injury has been focusing on how strong I can be - not how weak this foot is making me.

Work hard. Accept no excuses. Be creative. Self pity is a waste of time.

Someone out there has it harder than you and they're kicking more ass.