Friday, October 7, 2016

An Adapted Perspective - Why I'm Looking Forward to Recovery

I already talked about how I basically need plans I need air.

This week, while bemoaning the sadness of a broken foot and a lost season, my extremely talented friend posted on my facebook about one of the Crossfit athletes, Lauren Fisher, and her recent ankle surgery. I headed over to her Instagram account and what I found turned my entire outlook around.

Since I last regularly blogged, I fell head over heels in love with Crossfit. I also did an Ironman and fractured my foot in the process. My doctor thought that my lack of strength training during my training my have contributed directly to my stress fracture. With that notion and a total burn out on all things swim, bike, run, not to mention a new job right next to my Crossfit gym, I became an addict.

I love deadlifts.
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Cleaning is definitely for women.
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I'd squat for a living if you let me.<3 p="" squats.="">
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Want to see my snatch?

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Who doesn't love a jerk?

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Suffice to say: I'm crushed more about not being at the gym than anything else. I'm missing out on our annual intergym competition, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I have an awesome opportunity in front of me.

In the past few years, I spent some serious time and mental effort looking into joining the Air Force as a way to become a physical therapist, specifically focusing on prothetic use. As it turns out, that wasn't the path for me, but I've always been interested in working with athletes in unique circumstances. When I realized my PT dreams were not to be this life time, I started looking into something called Adaptive Athletics. While my knowledge base is still very limited, I feel very drawn to the subject and have set the life goal of becoming a Crossfit coach with a specific focus on adaptive athletics. You can learn more about Adaptive Athletics here.

A boot for 6-8 weeks is, by no means, as serious or as life changing as what adaptive athletes go through. But the opportunity to HAVE to adapt, even if just for 6 weeks, presents me with the butt kick to get started on learning what my potential future athletes may have to deal with. And that excites me.

My skateboard got here last night - which means, it's almost time for rowing! Look forward to the Broken Workouts.

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My swolemate, gym buddy and Crossfit coach, Tess, will be by my side. I promise to document our adventures.

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