Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Planning for a Broken Foot

I'm a project manager. I'm my Ragnar team captain. I'm an endurance athlete with 6-9 month training schedules. I'm a crossfitter who works on 5 week cycles. I check into my TrainHeroic account all the time to watch my gainz.

In short: I need plans.

Do not get between me and my to-do list. God HELP you if you're throwing off my schedule. Organization, planning, to-do lists, check boxes - they're almost as soothing to me as walking into a whole foods.

As you can imagine, my lame foot (ba-da-ching!) has me in the throws of planning mode.

Now that I'm past the 24 48 hour window of grieving the loss of my season, so you won't hear any whining from me from here on out. I fully expect the sadness that comes with watching my friends race or cheering on my teammates from the gym at the Crossfit competition I was so looking forward to, but if a fractured bone spur is the greatest of my worries, I've got nothing to complain about, but it's time for a plan.

While I was crying over my foot Monday night, I pulled out every paleo cookbook I own and grabbed a notebook. I crafted a 6-8 week life improvement plan. Just because I can't ambulate normally doesn't mean I can't improve myself and my fitness in those 6-8 weeks.

Fitness Goals
Week One - Recovery and Base Line
  • 95% crutch compliance. Let's face it. I'm not using crutches in the shower
  • Testing out aquajogging
  • Getting TrainerRoad set up 
Week Two - Base Line
  • 95% crutch compliance
  • 2 Aquajogging or swim
  • 2 trainer ride
  • 2 Abs workouts
  • Testing skateboard rowing 
Yes, skateboard rowing:

Weeks Three and Four - Bye Bye Crutches
  • 50% crutch useage
  • 1 Aquajogging or swim
  • 1 Trainer ride
  • 2 Abs workout
  • 1 Crossfit workout 
Food Goals
  • Water
  • More Water
  • Vitamin Rich Veggies
  • Paleo Driven 
  • Even More Water
As with any good plan, I've got some flexibility and review time built in there, but we'll see.

What am I missing? The last time I had a broken foot I wasn't confined to crutches and I was pretty stoked to sit on my butt since it was fairly close after the Ironman. This time, I'm already counting the hours to freedom.

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